The Lezyne Shock Digital Drive is the ultimate digital high pressure shock pump, perfect for shop use. Compatible with Presta valves, it features a dedicated floor pump configuration for faster shock tuning, with an ultra narrow barrel and piston to allow the user to easily achieve high shock pressure settings. Its varnished wood handle and CNC-machined aluminum and steel construction deliver a durable and lightweight design. Hardened steel APS Shock Thread Chuck allows for precise pressure tuning. Equipped with an extremely accurate Digital Gauge, the Shock Digital Drive pumps a third of the air of a standard floor pump at 350psi with a high pressure, nylon-reinforced, braided hose with aluminum connectors.

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Size: No
Weight 3.5lbs
Max: 350psi | 24.1bar
Aluminum Construction

A custom floor pump head designed to easily press onto valves and lock into position with an aluminum lever. Rebuildable and compatible with Presta, Dunlop, and Schrader valves.

CNC Machined

CNC machining creates parts that are precise and durable.

ABS (Air Bleed System)

The patented Air Bleed System (ABS) butt on releases air pressure in the pump hose, making it easy to remove the Flip-Thread Chuck, eliminating the chance of unthreading Presta valve cores. When using Schrader valves, ABS adjust tire pressure by releasing air from tube.

Threaded Connection

Lezyne's ABS Flip-Thread Chuck threads directly onto the valve for a secure, air tight connection. It is compatible with Presta, and Schrader valves.

Digital Gauge

Custom digital pressure gauge with 1.6 in LCD display makes ti re and shock inflation precise and easy to read. Gauge is accurate to within 3%, and features an auto shutoff function.

Accu-Pressure System

Accu-Pressure System consists of a two-piece thread chuck design that isolates the valve after shock tuning, ensuring accuracy and zero loss of air upon removal of pump. Available on the Shock Digital Drive.

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