AL Helmet Mount (Mega, Deca, XL)

AL Helmet Mount

The Aluminum Helmet Mount is a durable accessory for Mega Drive, XL, and Year 5 LED lights. It has a stamped and machined aluminum base plate, a compression ring, a Composite Matrix spherical pivot, cradle and a Velcro strap which attaches the mount to the helmet. The spherical pivot allows the user to adjust the position of the light in all directions.

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Modes: FOR : XL LED Line
Weight 36g

aluminum construction

Aluminum is a strong and lightweight material is an excellent thermal conductor and is used in the construction of Lezyne lights.

composite matrix
composite matrix

Composite Matrix is a high strength fiber-reinforced material used to make durable components.

cnc machined

CNC machined aluminum parts for precise and durable construction.

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