The Femto Duo is a two-in-one safety light integrated into a versatile helmet mount. Evolved from our popular Femto series, the unit features a front and rear light coupled by a composite matrix junction that’s compatible with nearly all vented-style helmets. The LEDs are housed in a super compact, lightweight and durable machined aluminum body, and the high-grade polycarbonate lenses provide side visibility and double as the power button. The front emits 15 lumens, while the rear puts out 7 lumens; both feature three different output modes. With easy to replace CR2032 batteries, the Femto Duo is a simple front and rear lighting system for increased nighttime visibility.

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Modes: FLASH 1/2/3 : 15 lumens, PULSE : 15 lumens, SOLID : 15 lumens
RUN TIME: FLASH 1/2/3 : 60:00, PULSE : 60:00, SOLID : 30:00
Weight 52g
Aluminum Construction

A lightweight and durable construction used throughout our line to create elegant and functional products.

composite matrix
Composite Matrix

A high-strength, fiber reinforced material used to make mold injected hardware.

CNC Machined

CNC machined aluminum parts for precise and durable construction.

Weather Resistant
Weather Resistant

Innovative designs, advanced materials and special construction techniques to keep everything as dry as possible.

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