Low profile, high visibility light with three ultra bright LEDs. Up to 250 lumens and seven output options. Lightweight and durable composite matrix body with machine aluminum faceplate. Intelligent Power Indicator displays battery life and provides side visibility. Convenient Micro-USB rechargeable design. Patented versatile 2-in-1 Clip-On System straps to bars or clips to loops. Available in pairs.
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Modes: BLAST : 80 lumens, ENDURO: 40 lumens, ECONOMY: 15 lumens, FLASH 1: 50 lumens, FLASH 2: 25 lumens, FLASH 3: 50 lumens, DAY FLASH: 250 lumens
RUN TIME: BLAST: 3:30, ENDURO : 6:00, ECONOMY: 11:30, FLASH 1: 15:30, FLASH 2: 13:30, FLASH 3: 6:15, DAY FLASH: 4:30
Weight 47g
Tech: N/A
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