Shop quality Y-wrenches that feature the Serviceable Body Design for extremely durable, long lasting tools. The CNC machined, two piece, hardened steel body is ergonomically shaped and allows replacement of worn bits as needed. The chrome vanadium steel bits are perfect for heavy-duty shop use. Each wrench comes with a set of replacement tool bits.

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Wrench: No
Internal BB: No
External BB: No
Cassette Lock Ring: No
Weight No
Tool Bits: N/A
Aluminum Construction
Aluminum Construction

Aluminum, a strong, light weight and durable material, is used to make forged and machined components.


Forging is a manufacturing process that results in extremely strong, precise, and durable tools.

Replaceable Bits
Replaceable Bits

Two-piece body design allows for tool bits to be replaced as they wear out, resulting in a serviceable, longer lasting tool.

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